Friday, August 2, 2013

Letdown lunch

I hadn't been going to Goldilocks except to buy cake and tarts a few times over the last couple of years. Lately, I'd been wanting to go for a sit-down meal, especially since I had been seeing their posters on new menu items. One day last summer, the opportunity presented itself. With two kids in tow, I was at Goldilocks inside Crossings Mall on Quezon Ave. in QC. My excitement, however, was doused with cold water once our orders came. Food was served on disposable dishware. Call me maarte but I'm not so happy eating using disposable utensils. It depends, however, on the situation, as some occasions necessitate it. For instance, eating Styrofoam-packed food is perfectly okay with me while taking part in a tree-planting activity. And yes, I'm used to eating on Styrofoam at Jollibee (most branches, thankfully, already use melamine dishes these days). But I was expecting more from Goldilocks. I looked forward to better food presentation that would look really good in pictures, at least using melamine plates. But oh well, I couldn't fret too long as I had to eat. The kids and I were ravenous as it was way past lunchtime so we started eating. And then..another Arroz ala Cubana was swimming...almost drowning, in oil! My son, on the other hand, whose order was Baked Lasagna, was also not so happy. The daughter, thankfully, didn't share our trouble. Hehe. She said her Breaded Porkchop was okay, same with her Veggie Kare-Kare, except for the bagoong, which wasn't so good..
Have a peek at our orders:

Arroz ala Cubana

Baked Lasagna

Breaded Porkchop

Veggie Kare-Kare

A slice of Cathedral Window

The counter at Goldilocks-Crossings Mall

Goldilocks has been around for many years (starting in 1966). Though it isn't a foodie place that I frequent, I still hold it in high regard  for its success and stability as a business. Consider this: almost 200 stores nationwide and a few in the US and the Middle East. I hope my wish isn't too big to grant for Goldilocks: that they start using stoneware or even melamine plates soon. Also, that they hold some back cooking oil when making Arroz ala Cubana. :-)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shrimp burger, ramen and more at Tokyo Tokyo

As I planned to eat at Tokyo Tokyo after Sunday service at church, I wondered when the last time I did so was. But hard as I tried, I could not remember. Two..three years? Probably four.  It's been quite a long time, for sure. And so I was kinda excited as I went to SM City Manila to meet my daughter and her beau after 5 pm. of an exceedingly wet Sunday (so wet that many Manila streets were flooded and I had to find another way 
to go to church on Taft Ave.) 
At Tokyo Tokyo, I found out how big their menu has expanded since my last time there. Not that I was completely oblivious to all those developments, I'd known from seeing posters and liking Tokyo Tokyo on Facebook that they now offer burgers and ramen. Hehe. But that they now have Shrimp I'm surprised. Hehe. Never in my almost 45 years here on earth have I eaten a shrimp burger and so I decided at once to order it with wasabi fries (another must-try for me) and red iced tea.  And as I had been craving for maki the days that preceded Sunday, I ordered it, too. Meanwhile, the younger ones went for ramen and beef teriyaki bento meal.

Shrimp burger with wasabi fries and red iced tea, P145.
Wasabi Fries: crispy and yummy
Braised Pork Ramen, P150.
California Maki, P45.

Beef Teriyaki Bento with miso soup, iced tea and coffee jelly, P185.
Miso soup and coffee jelly
Red iced tea

The three of us shared everything and were equally full and satisfied (there's 'unli' rice here, ya know?). I, however, was the happiest because I was the "prodigal" who returned and realized what I missed all these years (my daughter and her boyfriend always eat here, they say). I was very much raving about the beef teriyaki, ramen, shrimp burger and the coffee jelly. My miniscule disappointment was that the wasabi fries wasn't as hot as I expected. I longed for a lot of wasabi in them. But oh well, I was very satisfied with all the others that we had and want to eat these again in the next few days. Hehe. What more to love about Tokyo Tokyo? Their prices don't leave you in poverty. Haha!