Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spotlight on Red Ribbon's palabok

If you ask what's the best palabok for me, I'd say it's a toss between Nathaniel's and Red Ribbon's. I like that they both come with just the right amount of sauce (I shun the too saucy kind), though Red Ribbon's a little dry when you mix it all up. A plus point for Red Ribbon's is that it has more toppings than Nathaniel's version but even then, palabok from both sources is absolutely yummy. 
Anyway, it's been a long while since I last ate at Red Ribbon (two years?) so I jumped at the opportunity to again taste their palabok with my kids last month. We were at the Quezon Ave. branch, stopping over on our way home from the Sidcor Sunday Market. It was lunchtime, and the kids decided to have rice meals while I settled for palabok. What I like at Red Ribbon is that their combo meals come not just with a drink but also with a slice of cake, which makes your lunch or dinner (or merienda, for that matter) complete with dessert. 
Our orders:   

Palabok, P65.
Fried Liempo Meal, P149.

Home-Style Fried Chicken Meal, P165.
Salisbury Steak Meal, P159.

And the cake slices for our sweet endings:
Coffee Crunch with a cup of brewed coffee, P70. I ordered this for myself separately from the palabok. 
Chocolate Caramel

Dulce de Leche

Our drinks:
Orange juice for the kiddos, coffee for the mom
My lunch makes for a happy day 

Wow! Fantastic lunch! That's how much I loved Red Ribbon's palabok. The cake and coffee made for a nice ending. The kids enjoyed their food, too, except for the one who had the fried liempo, which, apparently, tasted "ordinary", like it was from the "carenderia". I had one little complaint, too: coffee was served in a plastic mug. Hey, I dislike BPA.  Haha!