Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Whitemoon Bar: Where sunset tops the menu

The sunset is one of those things in life that I love and thank God for. It is particularly lovely on sunny days than on overcast days, as there are no clouds to conceal the deep hues of yellow, orange, purple and pink that the sun paints on the sky as it prepares to go to bed on the horizon. It is indeed one of the Creator's greatest masterpieces, among His perfect works of art. The sunset is also one of the best things on the planet that we get to enjoy for free. Isn't that great? But alas! I can't always enjoy its sight because despite me being a Manila resident, I live and work far from Manila Bay, which is famous for its..yes, sunset. This is why whenever I go vacationing in my father's hometown in Quezon Province, I make it a point to go to the beach everyday, to witness and photograph the sunset.
My eternal love for sunset was what drew me toward Whitemoon Bar, which is unique for its location - on top of the Manila Ocean Park complex overlooking Manila Bay. The idea of being able to chillax - you know, drink and eat and enjoy the sea breeze and of course, watch the sun go down - attracted me so much that I was so excited for the experience. The opportunity finally came last Saturday. I wanted hubby to go with me but sadly, he had to work overtime. And since I had made prior reservation, I had to make a go, tagging along my daughters and the eldest's beau.  
Whitemoon Bar is not so aesthetically impressive..some facilities even look dilapidated. The food was good but not fantastic, even pricey in my opinion. However, it's the ambiance - the sunset and the sea that make the Whitemoon Bar experience unforgettable. We got to really chillax!  The servers (well, most of them) were also attentive and friendly - a plus point.

The main attraction here, the glorious Manila Bay sunset

The bar entrance.

Definitely not your ordinary living room Haha!.
The other side of the bar.
Whitemoon after sunset.
The bar.
The daughter and the beau.
What an experience indeed it was, eating and drinking with a perfect backdrop!.

Now on to the food. Whitemoon Bar's menu is quite extensive for an establishment that opens at 4 p.m. yet, which is good. They offer not just bar chow (pulutan) to go with the alcoholic drinks, they also have pasta and rice meals.  As I mentioned, however, prices are quite steep. Imagine, one bottled water costs P70! An order of pasta, on the other hand, costs over P300. The serving's generous, however, such that two girls with "normal" appetite can share an order.  So, pwede na rin (I'm appeased.)! Anyway, we had spaghetti, carbonara, mini tacos and baked tahong (mussels). We liked everything except for the spaghetti with meatballs. Truth be told, I can whip up a better-tasting spaghetti. Hehe!
Spaghetti with Meatballs, P320.
Carbonara, P320.
Beef Nachos, P280.
Baked Tahong (mussels), P280.
Mini Tacos, P300.
Mango Juice, P95.
San Miguel Pale Pilsen, P80.
San Mig Light, P80; Cerveza Negra, P95.