Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hits and misses at Grand Momma's Kitchen

Last Saturday, I was happy over a foodie find: the Grand Momma's Kitchen on Tomas Morato in QC. My friend Pam wasn't too happy, however. Haha! I guess I really am easy to please (read: mababaw ang kaligayahan) when it comes to food. Well, in truth, this applies to many aspects of my life. Hehe. Anyway, I was immediately impressed by the interiors of this restaurant. With the country-style motif, it strikes me as homey and cozy. I so liked their wooden tables that have natural, rough surface. I hadn't seen any other restaurant using such lovely dining tables. As for the food, t'was quite satisfying for me. 

Red Velvet Pancakes, P255.

Garlic and Basil Pesto, P155.

Quarter chicken with rice and side dish, P155.

Banana Split, P155.

Lemonade, P60.

Wicker and wood. Nice!

There are tables and chairs outside, too.

I loved my roast chicken. The meat was tender and delicious. I had a little problem with my side dish, though. It looked like buttered vegetables and tasted like it, too. However, I told the server I wanted coleslaw for my side dish. Hehe. It's okay, however, coz I liked my veggies. But Pam, my friend with the discriminating taste (Hahaha!), wasn't very happy with her pesto. I tried it and liked it too, however. Hehe. I told you I'm easy to please, didn't I? Our banana split made both of us, happy, but of course. But surprise came with the Red Velvet Pancakes! My eyes widened when it was served because we were sure we ordered a slice of red velvet cake but here it was, a gorgeous pile of three red pancakes with a creamy crown! Pam and I wondered why the server didn't make it clear to us that they only serve red velvet pancakes, not cake. Hmmm..Booboo No. 2.  No. 1 was my side dish, remember? Now are you ready for Booboo No. 3? When the bill was handed to me, it came as a "shock" that it was only a little over P500. We ordered quite a lot and remembering the prices from the menu, I thought the amount was lesser than expected (This restaurant is full of surprises, I noticed. Hehe). I showed the bill to Pam and she said why would they make a mistake about it when they knew their prices. But after we paid and went to the restroom, Pam said she thought there was indeed a mistake. So we made a little kwenta and then we were sure something was indeed amiss in our bill. We were undercharged by almost P300! So we went back and had the server make ulit the kwenta. Our rightful charges totaled over P800. So we paid for the additional and walked away with a clear conscience. Hehe. Wow! What an unforgettable lunch we had 
at Grand Momma's Kitchen.   
By the way, watching an episode of the popular teleserye My Husband's Lover earlier this week, I saw Lally and Paul dining at Grand Momma's Kitchen. Hehe.