Friday, July 13, 2012

A wonderful lunch at Kape Pilato Bistro Café

I don't know what's come over me. Everything about Kape Pilato Bistro Café was unforgettable yet for a few months, I'd totally forgotten to blog about it. Silly me, really, as I was totally smitten by the food, service and ambiance at Kape Pilato and every once in a while, I'd think of going back there. Still, it slipped my mind that I had to write about that dining experience. Anyway, it was last April that I and my eldest child went to Kape Pilato along San Marcelino in Malate, Manila for lunch. It was not very easy finding it because I was not familiar with the area, which, by the way, is residential (which brought a question to my mind: why would the owners want to put up an upscale-looking restaurant in this area that is not even a commercial one?). Well, we had to find it or the voucher that I purchased from a group-buying site would go for naught. Haha! And so after asking for direction, we went on, and found Kape Pilato not long after. As we entered, we were immediately impressed with the interiors such that we did not pass up the chance of taking each other's pictures in various parts of it - inside a room that's comparable to a house's sala in its coziness, at the mini-bar, etc. That was after placing our orders, of course. And by the way, the waiter was nice and patient, answering all my queries as to when they opened, what their best-sellers were, etc. And yes, I asked why the owners chose the area for their restaurant (I would not pass up that chance, too) and he said it was because the upper floors of the low-rise building were actually a hotel, so it was deemed there would be ready clients. When our orders arrived and we started indulging, I knew the food was the star at Kape Pilato. My soup, the Broccoli and Cream, was thick, tasty and filling. My daughter's soup, Corn and Cream, was not as good, though, for me at least, and I was glad I made the right choice. The Herbed Chicken Sandwich was good, too, the chunks of chicken huge and flavorful. However, it was the Sisig Pasta that was truly unforgettable. It tickled my taste buds to the max with the strong blend of spices and chili. It was so full of flavor that anything you would eat immediately after it could taste bland. Haha! By the way, my drink of choice was unforgettable, too - Guava Basil Iced Tea. It was quite a unique drink, healthy and great-tasting! My daughter had Blue Lemonade which was good as well, though I liked my drink a lot better. The barista approached us to ask my daughter how it was (the Blue Lemonade), to which she answered 'okay'. But when I tasted it, I found it a bit too minty and I thought, sayang, I was not able to give my opinion to the barista so he could make some improvements. After a long while, we ended our meal with a slice of Reese's Cheesecake that both my daughter and I loved, and with a cup of latte. What a lovely lunch that brought us to a new world of flavors!

We decided for the second floor and this greeted us upstairs.

View of the lobby from the second floor.

A cozy, homey room.
Broccoli and Cream Soup, P70.

Corn and Cream Soup, P70.
Guava Basil Iced Tea, P70

Blue Lemonade, P70
Herbed Chicken Sandwich with Fries, P135
Sisig Pasta, P170

Sisig Pasta, another view
Cafe latte, P50
Reese's Cheesecake, P98