Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's in a sandwich?

Many things. Fish, meat, veggies, eggs, mayo, ketchup. And then there are other things. But first, let me say that sandwiches are fun to make and eat. They're versatile and can be had for breakfast, snacks and even lunch or dinner if you like, especially if you're on a diet. It's perfect as baon (food-to-go) for the school or office, and picnics. It can be simple and easy to make or as complicated as you wish. If you're in a hurry, you can simply put some liver spread (or Cheez Whiz, or peanut butter, whatever you like) between two slices of loaf bread and you're good to go. Otherwise, you'd want to make tuna or chicken spread, toast the bread panini-style, put some veggies and you have gourmet sandwich. 
Anyway, going home two weeks ago from Pasig, we passed by this small restaurant called The Sandwich Guy and I looked it up days later. I learned that this serves great sandwiches and pasta and is quite popular already these days. However, I came across this blog post that really turned me off. The blogger said there's this guy, a yuppie, who used to frequent a branch of The Sandwich Guy in a business area. One morning, the guy bought a tuna sandwich from this store as he usually did and ate it on a cab going to work. He (the guy, not the blogger) said he was thoroughly enjoying his breakfast when he found a "liquified matter" in his sandwich. After tasting it, the guy said he found out it was a yucky matter which I don't want to mention here. If you're curious, you can search for and read about "the sandwich guy incident". This apparently happened years ago so I hope, if there's truth to it, that the management of The Sandwich Guy had learned some valuable lessons and that they'd corrected their mistakes because I really want to try their sumptuous-looking pasta dishes and sandwiches. So, what else can you find in a sandwich? There's still no telling. Haha!  

Tuna sandwich for breakfast one day last summer.

This was my Christmas 2011 brekkie - Chinese ham sandwich.

My daughters prepared ham and clubhouse sandwiches for snacks one drizzling afternoon.