Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Full and happy at Binondo's Chuan Kee

I love eating where food is good and filling and paying for it won't burn a hole in the pocket. And what do you know, I recently discovered an eatery that has become my favorite for these very reasons. It's Chuan Kee, a Chinese-style "turo-turo" in Manila's Chinatown, Ongpin St., just a stone-throw away from Binondo Church. 
That Saturday three weeks ago, I failed to have my camera repaired in that area because the service center turned out to have transferred someplace. Fortunately, we (my daughter and I) discovered this Chinese fast food restaurant where food is sooo good, making our Binondo trip still "fruitful" and worthwhile. Not content, we were back there the very next weekend. Haha! There's still a lot to try at Chuan Kee, I want to return soon. But so far, we've enjoyed:

Beef wanton mami, P125.
The bowl is huge so my daughter and I just shared one order of this. It's the best mami I've ever had! There's a lot in this bowl - tender chunks of beef, dumplings and strips of Baguio pechay.
The soup is packed with flavor. Delish!
Pancit Cha-mi, P110. 
This one's yummy, with lots of meat, kikiam and veggies, just the right saltiness and 
a tinge of sweetness.

Bola-Bola Siopao, P50.
Isn't it pretty? A purple siopao. :) 

Lots of filling, as you can see. There's chorizo and salted egg, aside from ground pork.  Delicious!

Siopao Asado, P50.
 This one's good, too, but I'm not raving about it because Bola-Bola is my favorite.

Siomai, P45.
Siomai is my comfort food. I loved this one from Chuan Kee.

Ahh, the staple of summer! At Chuan Kee, it's packed with "halo"; it won't leave you wanting but fully satisfied. By the way, Chuan Kee is owned by the same people who own 
Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli, that's why you see the logo in the halo-halo cup.

Mango Shake, P55. and Lychee Shake, P55.
For cooling down some more. Yummy and oh-so-refreshing!

The other night, I watched a segment of the popular TV show "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" featuring Chuan Kee and there I learned that this fast food restaurant is now 75 years old! Wow, it is that old! It was also showed that among the popular dishes there are Kiampong and Gokong. Truth is, I shied away from those authentic Chinese dishes because I didn't know what they were but now that I do, I promise to order them next time. The show's host, Jessica, said gokong could be compared to the Ilonggo dish Batchoy, while Kiampong is a Chinese-style fried rice mixed with bits of meat. Mmm..can't wait to try these. :-) 

At Chuan Kee, you're gonna be full and happy over good food at pocket-friendly prices. Aye! Aye!

Inside Chuan Kee
That's my daughter in the mirror. Hehe..
Chuan Kee is the one here on the ground level. Upstairs is Cafe Mezzanine, a fireman-themed restaurant, which, my friend Pammy said, serves food coming from Chuan Kee below. Same food but higher prices 'coz some of the proceeds go to volunteer firemen.