Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yeeyyy! It's Halloween! Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite occasion of the year. Around this time, ghost stories on TV and in the Internet give me the goosebumps but I certainly love the thrill! Last year, we in our household celebrated Halloween with a fun-filled party, with all of us in costumes complete with witchy, devilish make-up. Haha! What good laugh we all shared! Sadly, this year, we didn't have much time to prepare so we're not having a Halloween party. Sigh..But looking at our pictures back then make me break into a smile. Here, I'm sharing the food pictures I took during our unforgettable Halloween 2011 party. Meanwhile, hope you all have an eerie, ghoulish and spooky Halloween! 

We made this scary (is it? Haha!) spider out of Choco Mallows, Pretzels and Nips candies.
I dare you to drink this wormy, bloody concoction. :-)
Our party spread in the garden.