Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sorry..not my type of guy

I'd been wanting to try what The Sandwich Guy (TSG) offers since I first saw one such store on Shaw Blvd. in Mandaluyong City last year. I know I'd written a not-so-nice post about it (involving another branch) sometime last year, but since it's been months since that (yucky)  incident which I read about in a blog, I decided last Saturday it was now time to try this place out for myself. So just before going to church, my daughter and I went to TSG at SM City Manila, full of high hopes. Hehe. Sadly, dashed hope was all I had at first bite of the roast beef sandwich..and moreso upon taking a forkful of the pesto pasta. :(  The bread used in the sandwich seemed not fresh to start with. Matigas sya. The filling could be promising, but because the bread wasn't good, the whole thing was ruined. As for the pesto, it was downright bad! It was very dry and the noodles were tough. Forgive my daughter but this was her comment: "The worst pesto I've ever had" Ugh! Well,  you might be saying that's what I get for paying just P55 for an order of pesto and you are right! My take on this is: A couple of bucks added to the price won't hurt, but would make a customer happy with a better-tasting plate of pasta. Obviously, TSG scrimped on olive oil, that's why the pesto was dry and tough and lacking in zing. Thankfully, there was the Cheezy Bacon Potato as the much needed redeemer or I would be breaking up with The Sandwich Guy even before a relationship could even begin. Haha! I know that doesn't make any sense. Oh, well..TSG is a promising food business and in fact, it now has several stores in the metro. I wish our experience was an "isolated case" and that tough bread and dry pasta aren't 
what they always serve. :-)

Ultimate Roastbeef Sandiwch, P125.

Looks good. I wished it tasted good as well.

Pesto, P55.

Cheezy Bacon Potato, P70. We loved this - baby potatoes with lots of bacon bits and melted cheese.

Forgive me but is fried the opposite of fresh?