Friday, March 29, 2013

Of birthdays and cupcakes

Today, March 29, our family celebrates the 21st birthday of my eldest daughter Nikki. Today too, I mark a milestone as a blogger because 
The Awesome Grind is now one-year-old! Yeeeey! And yesterday, our dog Odie turned three. Whew! Three occasions to celebrate! And what's a lovelier way to celebrate than with pretty, pretty and oh-so-sweet cupcakes! As today is also Good Friday, we opt to go meatless as a little sacrifice for the Lord Jesus. So, aside from cupcakes, we're having tuna pasta, too, for merienda
Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!

Which one do I eat?

Mini chocolates lie on a soft bed of white fluffy icing.

Wacko for yellow!

Pink and pretty.

As blue as the summer sky.