Monday, April 8, 2013

A 'blockbuster' lunch!

            No, we didn't lunch on juicy steaks, nor prime ribs, nor the freshest seafood. We had..err..donuts. So, why do I say 'blockbuster'? Because the line to get our lunch lasted some 20 minutes, like we were queuing for tickets to a blockbuster movie. Truth was, we were still lucky that the line when we came was short (this was outside, but there's still a line inside!) because it was still lunchtime. Well, that was the strategy because not many people equate lunch with just donuts right? Hehe.. Lines at J. CO since it opened at Trinoma mall last year have been crazy especially on peak hours in the afternoon till evenings, so I thought we ought to buy and eat there around lunchtime. But alas! We didn't escape the queue though it was 
not very long, thankfully. 
J. CO Donuts is today's fastest growing donut and coffee chain in South-East Asia that traces its roots to Jakarta, Indonesia, where it began its operations in 2005. In March 2012, the first 
J. CO branch in the Philippines opened at SM Megamall. At present, other stores are found at Trinoma (which my kids and I visited for the first time last Friday), Mall of Asia, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Town Center and Eastwood City,
Before I got to taste a J. CO donut, I was wondering about and amused by the long lines. But when I tasted those melt-in-the-mouth donuts especially the J. Club donut sandwich, my question was answered. Now I know why people are crazy about them. They're unlike the donuts we grew up with. They're chewy-soft, come in new, delightful flavors (ex. tiramisu, lychee, avocado) and do not overwhelm you with sweetness. The donuts also come in cute names such as Why Nut, and some, with celebrity-sounding names like Avocado Dicaprio, Blueberry More and Berry Spears. These sweet munchies have become such a huge hit among Filipinos that often, you'd see people going out the store or on the streets carrying boxes, not just a few pieces of J. CO donuts. 
Anyway, these were what we had during last Friday's lunch out from the office:

J. Club Cheezy Rich (P45 each).  This donut sandwich is sooo yummy it'll make you forget your name!

Blueberry More

See that creamy filling oozing out? Delicious!

Alcapone. Some people swear this is the most delicious J. CO donut.

Berry Spears. We pulled this out of our take-home box, the reason it looks squished.

Complimentary Glazzy Donuts  :-)

My daughter's drink - Cappuccino Frappe (P130)

My little boy's drink - Iced Chocolate (P115)

My drink - Americano coffee (P85)

We bought 2-dozen donuts, most of them for my officemates (pabili. hehe..).

This whole box of 12 donuts was for my boss, who says she can finish 3 in one sitting. Hehe..

J. Pops baby donuts on display (P250/2 dozens). Aren't they real cuties?

The counters inside J. CO

The lines inside (not including the peeps queing outside). There's a separate line for dine in and take out.

J. CO donuts cost P42 apiece. When you buy a dozen, you'll pay less at P350, and even lesser at P550 when you buy 2 dozens.