Friday, February 21, 2014

Bullish for Bullchef!

T'was another fun, fun Saturday last week. I was again in Pasig City for my second food trip there with one of my dearest chums, Chie. I also tagged along my youngest son this time (wrong decision. haha!) . We went to Bullchef as we had planned. For some reasons, our visit was delayed by a week, though, making me and my friend "sad" because we were already craving for bulalo. But then we were bullish we'd be able to push through with our plans the following weekend and we did, making our bulalo dreams come true. Haha!
Bullchef, by the way, means bulalo chef (so they say), and this soupy beef dish is of course the star in this small but now popular restaurant. Last year, just to recall, Bullchef was featured in the GMA NewsTV program "Poptalk" when they went on a Pasig food trip. Since watching that episode, I'd been wanting to eat there, bulalo being one of my top favorite Pinoy dishes. Thanks to my friend for finally presenting me the chance and being a very willing food trip companion. Oh well, I'm now sharing what we had: 

Bullilit (Bulalo Regular), P135.
Sizzling T-Bone Steak, P179. 

Sizzling Burger Steak, P135.
Free Bulalo Soup

Red Iced Tea, P25. and Ripe Mango Shake, P39.
Inside Bullchef

Pictures of their celebrity-customers fill the wall
Celebs' signatures 

Everything we had was delicious! My bulalo was heavenly - the soup was packed with flavor, beef chunks were tender and there was a lot of veggies - a piece of corn on the cob, Baguio beans and Baguio pechay. Loved it! Chie loved her T-Bone steak too. She gave me a piece to try and I liked it as well. It was very tender and the gravy was yummy. But my little boy, who initially said his burger steak was delicious, only had a few spoonfuls and then no more. What a waste. As I said, it was no good decision to bring along a little kid on a food trip. My son, particularly,  only likes Jollibee, McDonald's or KFC. He doesn't like anything that's new to him. Well, I tasted his burger steak and I liked it. I also loved that there was enough of the buttered veggie side dish. Oh well, there's no doubt I'd be coming back to Bullchef. There's a lot of other dishes to try: tapsilog, beef sinigang, sisig, etc. 
By the way, Bullchef is at #4 East Capitol Drive,  Kapitolyo, Pasig City.