Monday, March 11, 2013

Full and satisfied at Yoshinoya

It always makes me happy having a good, satisfying meal that at the same time gives a bang for the buck – exactly my experience at dinner last Saturday. Just as church service was starting at the Cathedral of Praise, I felt hungry and started wondering where we could eat afterward. After a few minutes of thinking,  I decided on Yoshinoya. My daughter agreed but my little boy protested. To solve the dilemma, we went to Yoshinoya  (4th level, SM Manila) but daughter bought the little rascal’s dinner from Jollibee.  
Yoshinoya is one of the fast food chains in Japan that first opened in the “Land of the Rising Sun” in 1899, offering beef bowl as its specialty. The food chain reached the Philippine shore in 2001 and now has seven branches located at SM Mega Mall,  Robinsons Galleria,  SM Mall of Asia, SM North Edsa, Glorietta, SM Pampanga and SM Manila. Bestsellers are beef, chicken, and tempura on Japanese rice bowls and noodles. It now also offers Curry Meals, 
Jumbo Meals, and Bento Meals.
Last Saturday, it was our first time trying out Yoshinoya and we walked away with happy tummies.  These were our orders:

Grilled Beef Maki, P59.

Veggie Beef Bowl (Regular), P99, with drink

Ebi Tempura Bento, P159.

Shrimp and veggie tempura

Mixed vegetables

Rice with black sesame seeds

Fruit salad
Green tea ice cream, P45. 

Mixed fruit iced tea, P45 (large)

I loved everything in my bento especially the tempura.  Though it was a little lacking in crunchiness, the flavor saved the day. Even the mixed veggies was good, and the fruit salad provided the sweet ending to my dinner.  Meanwhile, the beef bowl left my daughter satisfied as well and the green tea ice cream ended her meal with a smile on her face. The only thing we didn’t like much was the Grilled Beef Maki. I’m sure it would have been different if we had California Maki instead but they’d run out of it at 8 p.m.  By the way, they offer a 50% discount on all kinds of maki, presumably just they before they close at night.
All in all, my daughter and I loved our Yoshinoya experience. We were really full without having to go big on spending.