Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer fun at By the Sea Resort

It was our company outing/gender awareness seminar last weekend, and from Friday to Sunday, there I was, together with my co-workers, enjoying the last few days of summer at By the Sea Resort in Olongapo City. This resort is a nice place for a family or barkada outing, with clean surroundings and beautiful rooms, although lacking in facilities (no kiddie pool!). The swimming pool is quite small and wasn't "truthfully advertised". Well, when we arrived and walked around, we followed a sign saying "Infinity Pool" but we were led to an ordinary, finite swimming pool. Haha! What made me like By the Sea, however, was the cleanliness and orderliness at the resort. I would want to bring my family there one day.

Entrance to the resort.

The building fronting the beach, housing some of the rooms.

The gate to the beach closes at 6 p.m.  No night swimming, sadly.
Sitting area by the pool with beautiful wooden furniture.

The pool is quite small.

Nice, sunny day, isn't it?

Conference hall.

         Here now are shots I took of the room I shared with my lady boss and one 
of my colleagues.

Clean T&B, with hot and cold shower

By the Sea also dishes out great food. All our meals in those two and a half days were provided by the resort kitchen and I thoroughly enjoyed each plate. Here are some of what we had: 

Rice with pork binagoongan, roast chicken and eggplant salad.

Rice with menudo, pinakbet and daing na bangus.

Rice with sweet and sour fish, fried chicken and buttered vegetables. 

Rice with fish fillet, lumpiang shanghai and chopsuey.

Afternoon snacks - arroz caldo with puto

    By the Sea is located along the national highway at Barangay Barretto in Olongapo City.           
                                                    Here's the link to their website: