Friday, February 7, 2014

Acapulco Panciteria: Small place that's big in taste

Last November, my friend Pammy and I made a huge foodie discovery in our office neighborhood that got us so excited. We couldn't, in fact, contain the excitement of our first dining experience there that we spilled it over to our co-workers once we came back to the office. I'm talking about Acapulco Panciteria, which is perhaps the tiniest hole-in-the-wall I could ever go into in my lifetime. When we first saw it as we passed by going to McDonald's on Visayas Ave., our eyes widened in joyous disbelief: How come we hadn't seen this
when we always passed this way?
Anyway, this Acapulco, which sounded 'sosy' if not for its second name that is Panciteria (haha!), was full of surprises, apart from its mere being there without us taking notice earlier. First, going up the stairs from the street and inside, we couldn't believe how small it was - too small that there were only two tables! And then, when we were served our orders, Pammy and I were in for the second surprise - the servings were huge! Each serving could in fact feed three persons and for this reason, whenever we ate there, we would carry a brown bag carrying our leftovers afterwards. 
And then we ate. We had the third pleasant surprise - the food was  delicious! It was buttered chicken and pancit bihon that we had on that first visit. We were so enamored with the buttered chicken that the following day (if I remember it right), Pammy and I both returned, this
time ordering  for take out.

Pancit Bihon (P100. per order). Shall I say a mountain of..

Buttered Chicken (P120.)

About a week after, Pammy and I were back at Acapulco), and this time we ordered Camaron Rebosado and Chopsuey Rice. Of the latter, we placed two orders, only to be surprised again that one order was more than enough for the two of us. Thus, we had pasalubong again to our officemates when we returned. Anyway, it was Pammy's treat because it was her birthday the previous day. And what a nice treat it was. The Camaron was really delicious! More shrimp, less flour. It came with a dipping sauce (sweet and sour?) that complemented the battered shrimps very well. The chopsuey was quite good too though it was a tad bland.  

Camaron Rebosado, P150.
Chopsuey Rice, P60. 

On my next visits with different companions, I tried their fried rice, Pork Steak and Pancit with Lechon. The fried rice, served on a bowl rather than on "bandehado" as I've become accustomed to in other restaurants, had bits of chorizo, fried egg and other stuff that I can't remember anymore as I write this. Not very good but okay. My officemate Sweetie liked the Pork Steak but I didn't 'coz it was too sweet for me. I was looking for the salty Bistek Tagalog taste, that's why. 
Meanwhile, though I liked their Pancit with Lechon for its being rightly seasoned and textured, I was a bit disappointed with the lechon because I was thinking of the "real" lechon and not lechon kawali. I would have been appeased, however, had the pork skin been crackly 
but sadly, it wasn't so.

Fried Rice, small, P70.
Pork Steak, P130.
Told ya, only two tables!
Beside where two customers are seated is the counter and behind it is the kitchen.

Pictured menu

That's Visayas Ave. outside Acapulco Panciteria

Still, I could say Acapulco Panciteria was one of my biggest foodie discoveries last year. There's still a lot to try and I've lined them up: Lechon Kawali, White Chicken with Oyster Sauce, Fried Chicken and Hototay Soup. Pammy, my friend, is curious about Torta because it has sauce in the picture. Hmmm..Anyway, I've one observation: SWAT cops are always there at lunchtime. Not sure, though if the group's the same one we see each time. Oh well, what better company to feel safe with as you eat. Right? And oh, I almost forgot..they have a branch in Parang, Marikina City. Plan a visit soon to either of two branches. Happy eating!

* The Visayas Ave. branch is now closed