Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sister's birthday lunch at President Tea House

I just realized, I haven't blogged in over two months! Must have been really busy, though of course, eating was never sidestepped. Haha! In April, I was anticipating and preparing for the arrival of my two sisters from abroad and come May, I was having the time of my life with them and my kids and the rest of the family in my Dad's hometown in Quezon, as well as spent a weekend in Bicol. Needless to say, the family bonding times and happenings were full of food, glorious food! First of all, my Ate Tess celebrated her birthday at President Tea House in Binondo. She wanted dimsum and so did I and the kids. So all sorts of dimsum we had, plus the main entrees. We were so full for hours and didn't eat again till dinner. In truth, we rarely passed up merienda but the enormous amount of Chinese food we had at President really took some time to digest. Haha! Food there is really good and the price is quite reasonable. I particularly liked the soup, spareribs, and yang chow fried rice. What a nice birthday lunch sister treated us to. :-)

Complimentary tea
Bird's eye dumpling, P80.

(Sorry, can't remember what this is called.)

Siomai, P80.

Hakaw, P90.

Chicken feet, P80.
Sharksfin dumpling, P80.

Pancit canton, P220.

Yang chow fried rice, P200.

Bird's nest with quail egg thick soup, P220.

Spareribs, P240.

Fried fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce, P270. 

Crispy fried chicken, P240.

Crispy fried chicken

Almond with lychee (sorry, forgot the price)
Green mango shake

Buko pandan shake