Saturday, August 11, 2012

Instant cappuccino - something to feel good about on bad days

Last Tuesday and Wednesday (August 7-8, 2012), many portions of Metro Manila and nearby provinces in Luzon went under water after hours of continuous heavy rains. Our home was not spared by the flood. Water covered all corners of our bungalow-type abode, including all the four bedrooms It was the second time we experienced flooding since our house was built in 1981, the first time during typhoon Ondoy in 2009. It was very annoying having to wade in floodwater inside the house, add to it that my hubby and I were worried about our safety in case the water went higher and that our wooden furniture and parquet flooring would get damaged. But then, we couldn't do anything but accept and endure the situation for two days. Good thing there was instant cappuccino in the pantry - Kopiccino by Kopiko. It offered warmth on those two wet days, its creaminess and mild sweetness somehow lifting my spirits. It was something good amid a bad enough situation.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Of plants, zombies and french fries

Plants vs. Zombies musical show at Trinoma Mall.

See those gorgeous curls? They're yummy as they are pretty.
Love, love, love Iced Coffee at McDonald's.

What sent me to gastronomic heaven over the weekend.

The other day being a Saturday, I deemed it best to tap into my inner child to destress after finishing a week's workload. And what better way to do just that than to watch the Plants vs. Zombies musical show at Trinoma Mall and eat Twister Fries (those curly french fries dipped in seasoned batter) afterwards? Yessiree, Twister Fries is back at McDonald's! (Which makes me wonder..why don't they make this a regular part of their menu?) Around middle of this week, I saw the Twister Fries comeback ad when I opened Yahoomail and since then, I've been daydreaming about it until I was able to haul ass off to a McDonald's store. Before finally eating however, I had to endure a few minutes of watching the Plants Vs. Zombies musical show which the smallest guy in the family tremendously enjoyed. Well, I never got to play this very popular computer game which my kids and my hubby (even more!) sometimes delay eating for. I don't play anything on the computer anyway (except for a fishing game once in a blue moon), but I brought the kids to Trinoma so they could enjoy this show. Even before it ended, however, I deemed it proper to go ahead to McDonalds so I could already make my fantasies a reality. Hahaha! And so, Twister Fries I and everybody else in our group had, along with a Cheeseburger and the oh-so-good Iced Coffee. Needless to say, I was in coffee-and-fries heaven!