Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Old yet new (to me!)

Pho Hoa is a nearly three-decade-old international restaurant chain with presence in seven countries and serves Asian dishes, particularly Vietnamese noodle soup. In the Philippines, it is currently found in 19 locations scattered all over Metro Manila. And although Pho Hoa has been here for many years (20 years maybe?), it was my first time to eat there earlier this year in the company of my two friends in the office, Pam and Glo. Truth was, I wanted to eat at the restaurant directly opposite Pho Hoa in Trinoma but my two companions overpowered me. Hehe. I'm not a very adventurous eater, that's why, so I make safe choices of restaurants and stay away from dishes not familiar to me. But well, no regrets. I liked what I had. 
These were our orders:

Grilled pork, veggie and fried rolls vermicelli bowl, P280.

Grilled chicken and spring rolls with rice, P280.

Beef Stew with Bread, P240.

Buttered bread that came with the Beef Stew

Fresh Lemonade, P120.

Pot of Jasmine Tea, P56.

The Beef Stew with Bread was my order. I went for it, thinking it was not very different from our very own "mechado". Hehe. Well, quite close. And it was good. I'd probably go to Pho Hoa a second time. :-)