Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to basics

Donuts on the wall.

My daughter and her beau. Just to show how big those donut pictures at the wall are.

Blueberry cheese premium donut, P35.

The Blueberry Cheese up close.

Strawberry froothie, P70, small

Cafe Mocha Frio, P110, large.

BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) Bunwich, P50.

Tuna Salad Croissant, P70.

Brewed Coffee, P35.

That's a lot of blueberry!
Long before J. CO, Krispy Creme and even Mister Donut came here, Dunkin Donuts lorded over the donut lovers' world here in the Philippines. Coming ashore from the US in 1981, Dunkin Donuts, to me and my contemporaries, brings back memories of childhood. In 1984, me and high school barkada would often hang out in an outlet on C.M Recto Ave. My old favorites here were Boston Creme and Black Raspberry. I was already in college around 1987 when I first visited a Dunkin Donuts store in Quiapo, Manila. They were already offering croissants by then and with the Tuna Salad, it was love at first bite. The other croissant choices are Chicken Salad, Bacon, Coleslaw & Tomato and Ham 'n Cheese. I don't remember trying out any of these as Ive always ordered for the Tuna Salad. In recent years, Dunkin Donuts products grew in number and now they've got premium donuts which come in yummy varieties. Last Saturday, me, my daughter and her boyfriend tried one of these, the Blueberry Cheese and we loved it. Yesterday, I bought a Sansribav on my way to work and I loved it too. Next time, I will try the Black Forest premium donut. These days, some people may raise an eyebrow about Dunkin Donuts since J. CO and Krispy Creme are the "in" thing but to me, I'm happy going back to the basics of donut here in the Philippines, as I find comfort not only in my old favorites but in new yummy discoveries as well. :-)