Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cravings goes organic!

It's been six years since I started reading articles by Dr. Joseph Mercola, an American alternative medicine specialist, which opened my eyes to the extremely toxic world that we humans now live in. I was appalled to learn that many of the food that we eat are laden with disease-causing additives, grown with harmful pesticides and fertilizers or raised with the use of hormones and synthetic feeds. Even our favorite personal hygiene and cosmetic brands contain chemicals that can cause cancer and other acute diseases. How scary! To think that even the baby products that we use on our precious little ones are toxic. 
Since then, I've looked for ways to shift to healthy living, which included using all-natural products to clean the body and the home, and eating organic vegetables and hormone-free chickens and eggs. The changes I've made have been quite plenty, thanks to the growing awareness on healthy eating and living that lead to the increasing number of organic/all-natural products available in the market today.
For one thing, I've been buying organic vegetables for our family, first at the Sidcor Sunday Market and later on, at the AANI market at the Quezon City Memorial Circle. This enables our family to eat healthy, pesticide and synthetic fertilizer-free veggie dishes. The problem comes when we eat out since most restaurants use inorganic vegetables bought in conventional markets. 
But last week, I was happy to learn that there's now a group of restaurants serving dishes using organically-grown vegetables. Mind you, some of these are among the more well-known restaurants in the metro - C2 Classic Cuisine, Cravings 
and Casa Roces.
Cravings launched its Organic Weekend Market at its restaurant on Katipunan Ave. in Quezon City and a friend invited me to the event held last Saturday.  I went, tagging along my daughter. Mrs. Annie Guerrero, Cravings founder who is an environmentalist, told me that their restaurants now indeed serve organic vegetables sourced from their farm and some suppliers. Moreover, she said they target to supply organic veggies to other restaurants in Metro Manila. What a noble thing to do, I said to myself, as it is my "wish" to eat chemical-free food even outside our home.
Take a look at the selection of vegetables sold at the Cravings Organic Weekend Market:

Organic eggs are available, too.

Saturday's event was not only about organic veggies, by the way, as Mrs. Guerrero showed us recycled goods made out of things that we usually discard after using like old or scratched CDs, plastic spoons and pull-off tabs from softdrink cans. Their beauty was impressive! Moreso if you realize how our beloved Mother Earth is taken care of through the recycling of such waste materials.

Basket made from telephone directory pages; bracelets made of soda can pull-off tabs.
I loved this. Bag entirely studded with softdrink can tabs.
Old CDs as clock, used plastic spoons made into a lovely flower vase.
Cravings founder Mrs. Annie Guerrero at her herb and flower garden.

Oh well, Cravings didn't let us go home hungry, but of course. After the event, we were first offered healthy sandwiches (with camote tops!) and little cakes made from squash.

Afterward, we were graciously invited to order what we liked. I took photos of my, my daughter's and my friend's plates. Yum! We loved everything! I especially liked the garden fresh salad and roast beef.

Organic veggie salad - yummy and healthy!
Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce
Baked Fish in Olive Oil
Sizzling Tenderloin Tips

Iced coffee
Fresh four seasons smoothie

Make sure you visit The Cravings Group restaurants if you want a fill of delicious, healthy, chemical-free food to maintain your family's good health.  The other restos aside from the three I've mentioned are TCB, Lombardi's, Cafe Dominic, Jalapeno and Wicked. Better still, buy your organic veggies at the Cravings Organic Weekend Market. :-)